Four watches of the night; Between 12 and 24 – BedTime

Organized by Erica Stocking, Ella Dawn McGeough, and Amanda Boulos
March 8 - April 7, 2024

Four watches of the night; Between 12 and 24 – BedTime unfolds over the space of both exhibition and co-creational event series that asks:

What forms (in their many forms) do beds make it possible to imagine? What grows from their fertile soil? What weird wanderings does a drowsy mind follow? What conventions undo themselves when lying prone, released from the vertical “I”—the upright standing I, the individual I, the restless I, the I who scans the horizon in search of somewhere else; when we are in a hammock, a burrow, a mat in the corner, some warm patch of grass, or soft sand, where we cannot be blown down by the storms of history because we are already hugging the earth, settled by gravity’s pull, dreaming the world into existence. What then? What thoughts? What emotions? What sensations and perceptions? What possibilities? What strange affinities nestle into and around us?

Photo documentation by Alison Postma

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