the plumb is a DIY artist-run project dedicated to offering a surplus of space in a city where space is at a premium—particularly for artists, community organizers, and marginalized groups. We are interested in providing exhibition space to emerging artists, fostering dialogues with established voices, and providing a platform for culturally diverse artists and curators. We are also interested in hosting community-based projects and programs such as workshops, performances, public talks, and discussion groups.

the plumb is committed to maintaining an anti-oppressive space that welcomes queer, BIPOC, and other marginalized people and communities. Our relationship with our community is continually evolving; if you have any concerns or contributions, please email us!

We regret that the accessibility of our space is limited. Please see our Info page for accessibility information and directions to the space.

The Collective

the plumb is administered by an ad hoc collective of artists, writers, and curators working alongside guest programmers and collaborators. We strive to be responsive, quick-moving, and non-bureaucratic in our operations while maintaining principles of anti-racism, inclusivity, and consensus-based collaboration.

the plumb currently consists of:

Amanda Boulos, Laura Carusi, Laura Demers, Anthony Cooper, Emma Green, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Nadine Maher, Dainesha Nugent-Palache, John Nyman, Ciar O'Mahony, Alison Postma, Claudia Rick, Miles Rufelds, Callum Schuster, Blair Swann, and Emma Welch

email: info [at] theplumb [dot] ca
instagram: the_plumb

Reach out to us and let’s make something happen!