Baskets Blighted

February 5 - March 2 2021

A pop-up project by the plumb at
The J Spot (240 Queen Street East, Toronto)

Kristi Chen

Organized by Laura Demers


February 13 - March 6 2021

Jeff Bierk, Nicholas DiGenova, David Gardener, Savina Ioannou, Yuriko Kubot, Mani Mazinani, Stephen McLeod

Curated by Callum Schuster


February 13 - March 6 2021

Farah Abou Kharroub, Ghassen Chraifa, Karim Barka, Lamis Souliman, Houssam Jlelati, Younes Ben Slimane, Chantal Partamian

Films selected by
Mokhtabar for Arab Experimental Film & Video Art

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