Four watches of the night; Between 12 and 24 – BedTime

March 8 - April 7, 2024

Organized by Erica Stocking, Ella Dawn McGeough, and Amanda Boulos

but through your empty skin I’ve seen

March 8 - April 7, 2024

Jacob Wiebe

Curated by Mariam Zeina with support from Emma Green


January 20 - February 18, 2024

Anthony Douglas Cooper, Gabi Dao, Oliver Husain, Chang Yuchen

Organized by Hearth

Two Goblins in a Trenchcoat

November 3 - December 3, 2023

Tim Brawner, Kate Cooper, N.B. Derro, Zoe Dougherty, Marni Marriott

Curated by Daniel Hunt & Blair Swann

the hole fits the worm, but only as it moves

November 3 - December 3, 2023

Ellen Bleiwas & Emily DiCarlo

Curated by Justine Kohleal

Please be gentle

September 22 - October 22, 2023

Cindy Hill, Karice Mitchell, Devon Pryce

Curated by Laura Carusi

Sympoeisis // Fruiting Bodies

August 4 - September 3, 2023

Peter Campbell, SALT (Rachel Crummey and Tara Dougans), Erin Hunt, Sara Maston, Joy Wong, and Thea Yabut

With sound by Luke Loseth

Special programming with Anne Bourne

Curated by Rachel Crummey and Tara Dougans, with support from Emma Welch

Line Tracing, Shadow Chasing

April 29 - May 28 2023

Mary Dyja, Leila Fatemi, Nicole Ji Soo Kim, Sukaina Kubba, Metha Oz

Curated by Amanda Boulos

House Of Mirrors 

April 29 - May 28 2023

Brett Eduardz and Sophia Escobar

Curated by Erin Storus 

On a Table, Over Time

March 10 - April 9 2023

Alvin Luong, Benjamin De Boer, Brigida Cuddemi, Carrie Perreault, Dave Dyment, Dupla Molcajete (Beatriz Paz Jimenez & Zoe Heyn-Jones), Iman Datoo, Justin Ming Yong, Kelly Mark, Marli Davis, Walter Scott

Organized by Callum Schuster

At The Chair Factory

January 20 - February 19

Ian Willms and Liam Crockard

Willms’ and Crockard's At The Chair Factory is a collaborative video installation and collection of photographic work depicting the hypnotic daily routines and curious personal ephemera found on the assembly line in a very old factory in the artists' home town.

A part of DesignTO Festival


October 21 - November 20 2022

Moyra Davey, Ella Gonzales, Brian Groombridge, Jens Haaning, Brennan Kelly, Nestor Krüger, HaeAhn Kwon, Euan Macdonald, Ella Dawn McGeough, José Andrés Mora, Andrew Reyes, Sally Späth, Dustin Wilson, YAMMY

Eighty dollar serums
eight-hundred dollar crocs
I may never own a home
but at fifty I’ll still be hot

September 16 - October 13 2022

Emily Grace Harrison, Theresa Hopkins, Nadya Isabella, Julia Kansas, Maddy Mathews, Claudia Rick, Nicholas Zirk

Curated by Dainesha Nugent-Palache

Writing Elseways

July 29 - August 27 2022

movements., MA|DE, Jessica Bebenek, Toronto Experimental Translation Collective (TETC), Jo Ianni, Rasiqra Revulva, Miles Forrester

Facilitated by John Nyman

Indexing Resistance

June 18 - July 24 2022

Keith Cole, Dayna Danger, Patrick DeCoste, Andy Fabo, Kalil Haddad, Pamila Matharu, Kelly McCray, Courtnay McFarlane, Muhammad Nour ElKhairy, Jamie Ross, Deion Squires, Shake n' Make, Natalie Wood, Lan Florence Yee

Curated by Amanda Boulos, Laura Carusi &
Schem Rogerson Bader

Only Reliable Narrators

May 12 - June 9 2022

Jenna Bliss, Andrew Davis, Zahra Komeylian,
Jennifer Laiwint, Erdem Taşdelen

Curated by Miles Rufelds

Presented as part of Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival

The size of a credit card

April 1 – April 30 2022

Andrew Buszchak, Michelle Cieloszczyk, Nathan Eugene Carson, Yan Wen Chang, Brendan Flanagan, Jenine Marsh, Ping, Craig Spence, Sean Weisgerber

Curated by Daniel Griffin Hunt

Libations of Liberated Living

January 21 – March 06 2022

Micah Adams, Joshua Augusto, Dexter Barker-Glenn, Sophie Dannin, Melissa Fisher-Rozenberg, Ryland Fortie, Lauren Goodman, Alastair Martin, Matt Nish-Lapidus, Julie Oh,  Ciar O’Mahony, Pascal Paquette, Gord Peteran, Diana Lynn VanderMeulen, Meichen Waxer

Organized by Laura Carusi, Emma Green, Alison Postma, Callum Schuster, and Emma Welch

Venus Fest

October 16 - 30 2021

Haviah Mighty, SPELLLING, Charlotte Cornfield, Ah-Mer-Ah-Su, Nimkish, Secondsight, Kyla Charter, Eve Parker Finle, Roya Del Sol, Amy Lockheart, Cristal Buemi, Alisson Escobar, TRU, Stephanie Kuse, and Julia Hendrickson, Emily Pelstring

moveObjects On

September 3 - 29 2021

Quinn Buckler, Dana Buzzee, Julia Campisi, Kaley Flowers, Laura Hudspith, Mark Johnsen, KanikaXx, Ahreum Lee, Stephanie Ligeti, Owen Marshall, Morgan Melenka, Nik October, Sophia Oppel and Benjamin De Boer, KitKit Para, Hau Pham, Lauren Prousky, Tristan Sauer, Lisa Smolkin, Mercedes Ventura, Liu Wang, Sean Weisgerber, Graham Wiebe, B Wijshijer

Curated by Emma Green and Alison Postma

grass taps

August 2 - 28 2021

Alicia Barbieri, sophia bartholomew, Yan Wen Chang, Rihab Essayh, Megan Feniak, Ella Gonzales, Meghan Harder, Chantal Khoury, Andrew Maize, Emmanuel Osahor, Meg Ross, Michael Thompson, Kelly Uyeda, Connie Wilson

An exhibition of new works by University of Guelph MFA candidates

You just hold your breath

July 1 - July 27 2021

Meech Boakye, Alex Borkowski + SHELL LIKE, Olivia Boudreau, Julien Fisher, IvanovStoeva, Jovian, Izzy Mink, Celia Perrin Sidarous, Laurence Pilon

Curated by Laura Demers


May 30 - June 25 2021

Karen Asher, Rah Eleh, Jeremy Laing, Robert Anthony O'Halloran, Jonah Strub, Sarah May Taylor, Shellie Zhang

Curated by Laura Carusi

Chop Chop, Lollipop

May 30 - June 25 2021

Maya Ben David, Amanda Boulos, Jessica Eisner, Shannon Garden-Smith, Jessica Jang, Renée Lear, Amy Lockhart, Nadine Maher, Michael McGlennon, Kaitlyn McQueston, Jasmine Reimer, Claudia Rick, Henry Sawtell, Scott Sawtell, Shannon Scanlan, Carolyn Slogar

Curated by Amanda Boulos, Nadine Maher, and Claudia Rick

Of Several Depths

April 14 - May 10 2021

Alana Bartol, Erika DeFreitas, Anna Eyler & Nicolas Lapointe, Dana Prieto, Maria Simmons, Angela Snieder, Sara Stern, Kate Whiteway

Curated by Miles Rufelds


March 12 - April 8 2021

Carolina Benitez, Sarah Davidson, Ryan Grover, HaeAhn Kwon, Colin Miner, Emmanuel Osahor, Dana Slijboom, Alex Tedlie-Stursberg, Soft Turns, SUM, Susannah van der Zaag, Laurence Veri,  Allanah Vokes

Curated by Daniel Griffin Hunt & Emma Welch


February 13 - March 6 2021

Jeff Bierk, Nicholas DiGenov, David Gardener, Savina Ioannou, Yuriko Kubot, Mani Mazinani, Stephen McLeod

Curated by Callum Schuster


February 13 - March 6 2021

Farah Abou Kharroub, Ghassen Chraifa, Karim Barka, Lamis Souliman, Houssam Jlelati, Younes Ben Slimane, Chantal Partamian

Films selected by
Mokhtabar for Arab Experimental Film & Video Art


January 9 - February 7, 2021
A seasonal collaboration with Hearth

FASTWÜRMS, Holly Fedida, Julian Yi-Zhong Hou, Chantal Khoury, Aidan Koch, Alicia Nauta, Shaelynn Recollet, Fatine-Violette Sabiri,  Véronique Sunatori

As the snail takes the shape of its shell

October 24 - November 22 2020

Dan Driscoll, Ella Gonzales, Zainab Hussain, Christy Kunitzky, Ramolen Laruan, Shantel Miller, Preston Pavlis, Devon Pryce, Jagdeep Raina

An Unravelling

A solo show
in partnership with Toronto Palestine Film Festival

September 23 - October 4 2020

Samar Hejazi

Four Works

Film screenings
in partnership with Toronto Palestine Film Festival

September 23 - October 4 2020

Leila Almawy, Kalil Haddad, Serene Husni, Rana Nazzal

Pits, Seeds

An inaugural group show
featuring founding members of the plumb

September 10 - 20 2020

Amanda Boulos, Laura Carusi, Anthony Cooper, Laura Demers, Emma Green, Daniel Griffin Hunt, Nadine Maher, Emily Moriarty, Dainesha Nugent-Palache, John Nyman, Alison Postma, Claudia Rick, Miles Rufelds, Callum Schuster, Blair Swann, Emma Welch

email: info [at] theplumb [dot] ca
instagram: the_plumb

Reach out to us and let’s make something happen!