Andrew James Paterson:
Never Enough Night

Curated by Laura Carusi, Anthony Cooper and Kate Whiteway

April 26 - May 26, 2024 

Events Schedule

Performance: Pate’s Salt Carp
Saturday, May 11, 4 PM
Co-presented by FADO and 7a*11d

Artist’s talk
Thursday, May 16, 7 PM
Andrew James Paterson interviews Andrew James Paterson

Listening event
Saturday, May 18, 4 PM

Closing Party 
Saturday, May 25, 5 PM

Book launch
Wedneday June 26, 6-8PM
at Art Metropole
Catalogue sponsored by Partners In Art

In Gerald Hannon’s article on Paterson titled “The King of Queen,” published in the Winter 2002-03 issue of LOLA Magazine, artist Andy Fabo is quoted saying “it’s about time that someone pulled together a Paterson retrospective.” Twenty-some years later, we are thrilled to share our heed to this call.

Presented by the plumb and curated by Laura Carusi, Anthony Cooper, and Kate Whiteway, ANDREW JAMES PATERSON: NEVER ENOUGH NIGHT is the most extensive survey exhibition of the seminal Canadian artist’s work to date. The exhibition includes a vast selection of Paterson’s video work spanning from the early 1980s through to the present, as well as poetry, painting, music, archival material, a live performance series, and an original catalogue.

We are incredibly grateful for all the support we have received in realizing this exhibition. We extend our thanks to our partner organizations V Tape, Partners in Art, Art Metropole, A Space, Trinity Square Video, YYZ Artists’ Outlet, FADO Performance Art Centre, 7a*11d International Festival of Performance Art, Ontario Arts Council, Mercer Union, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, and Collective Arts, as well as the numerous individuals who offered their time, money, skills, and stories.

Andrew James Paterson is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto. His work engages in a playful questioning of language, philosophy, ‘community and capitalism’ in a wide range of disciplines, including video, performance, writing, film, and music. He has exhibited nationally and internationally for over four decades. Paterson’s artist’s book Collection Correction was published by Kunstverein Toronto and Mousse of Milan in 2016. His novelette Not Joy Division was published by IMPULSE B in Toronto in 2018. Paterson was awarded a Governor General’s Award for his work in Visual and Media Arts in 2019.

Photo documentation by Toni Hafkenscheid

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