On a Table, Over Time

March 10 - April 9 2023

Alvin Luong, Benjamin De Boer, Brigida Cuddemi, Carrie Perreault, Dave Dyment, Dupla Molcajete (Beatriz Paz Jimenez & Zoe Heyn-Jones), Iman Datoo, Justin Ming Yong, Kelly Mark, Marli Davis, Walter Scott

Organized by Callum Schuster

“A recipe for a poem”: Poetry Triple Launch

The tradition of recipes becomes part of identity. Both personal and communal, these often inherited and repeated sets of instructions show the qualities of the place we come from, as well as the people within it. Over generations, through our sense of taste, we combine and consume our environment as food and drink to create a concept of ourselves and where we come from.

Brigida Cuddemi, Untitled (Flowers), c. 2019, flour, water, food colouring, Mod Podge, wire, gardener’s tape, hand-painted vases, garden foam, moss

Kelly Mark, Recipe for making an art piece

Alvin Luong, Ration Eater, acrylic paint, concrete cinder blocks, MDF boards, paper pulp, plant mater, plastic bags, plastic tarp, printed banners, water, salt, steel carabiners, steel chains, steel eyelet hooks, dimensions variable.

Justin Ming Yong, Bottom Feeder, 2022, Cotton, cotton batting and thread, 61” x 72”

Benjamin de Boer, Rimless Source, 2023, inkjet print on paper, signed edition of 100, 11” x 17”

Walter Scott, Xinona

Dave Dyment, A Drink To Us [When We're Both Dead], 2008

Iman Datoo, Kinnomic Botany Freeing the Potato from its Scientific and Colonial Ties, 2022, film, 8:49

Iman Datoo, Making a Name, Yukon Gold or yellow-as-the-tired-belly-of-the-lizard?, audio, 1:27

Marli Davis, Laboratory for Heirlooms – A Hybridized Tea Ceremony – 茶道 , (vol.2), 2022-2023, installation: cicada nymph exoskeletons, raw dna, rice grains, tea stained sewing thread, archives: photographs, text & scripture, relics/heirlooms, incense, silk, wire, wood, fabric, paint, chemistry equipment, distillation machine, tubes, laboratory glassware, specimen jars, sumi ink, offering plates, hand sewn silk organza kimonos, wire, tatami mat, green tea, preservative liquid, traditional japanese tea ceremony set, bamboo, hand sewn noren, japanese washi & shoji paper, hand made rice paste, rice paper sculptures, aluminum cable, japanese cotton & tulle (imported), dimensions variable

Brigida Cuddemi, Colonna, 2019, cardboard tube, wood, flour, water, concrete, Mod Podge,  push pins

Brigida Cuddemi, Untitled (Basket), c. 1998, flour, water, concrete, Mod Podge, plastic foliage

Dupla Molcajete (Beatriz Paz Jimenez & Zoe Heyn-Jones), Entomofagia 1, 2023, 16mm film loop, transferred to digital, 2:45

Carrie Perreault, The Artist Cookbook Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

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