Videoic, poetic, musicic and webic documentation and response for As the snail takes the shape of its shell (October 24 - November 22 2020). With contributions by Mani Mazinani (music), John Nyman (facilitation), Miles Rufelds (video), and Fan Wu (voice).

Play all together, or sequentially. Start at any time, in any order.

As the snail takes the shape of its shell features artworks by:
1. Jagdeep Raina (Winter in Washington, 2016)

4. Ella Gonzales (Look Around, 2020 and A Window, 2020); Zainab Hussain (Area Rug, 2019);  Devon Pryce (Wear and Tear [Back], 2020)

7. Dan Driscoll (1977, Black Leather, 2017)

10. Zainab Hussain (Area Rug, 2019)
2. Ramolen Laruan (loop, 2020)

5. Shantel Miller (Revealing, 2020); Dan Driscoll (32x34 Regular, 2012)

8. Devon Pryce (Wear and Tear [Front], 2020); Christy Kunitzky (Jennifer II, 2018)

11. Dan Driscoll (32x34 Regular, 2012)
3. Zainab Hussain (Area Rug, 2019); Devon Pryce (Wear and Tear [Back], 2020)

6. Christy Kunitzky (Cold Life, 2017); Dan Driscoll (Summer, 1979, 2014)

9. Preston Pavlis (wait for a flood, 2020)

12. Christy Kunitzky (Cold Life, 2017)

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