Jo Ianni:
one on one readings

August 21 - 22 2022

presented as part of Writing Elseways
facilitated by John Nyman

Jo Ianni invites participants to join him for one on one readings of new and unpublished poems. Appointments are scheduled in advance via Eventbrite at the link below. Most take place in person, with others conducted by Zoom, phone, etc.

These are works in progress, unfinished and unpolished, unpublished and/or uncommitted to print. Many remain in orality, memory, and listening. The artist hopes participants will be unburdened of "getting" the work, and instead linger in the giving.

Participants are welcome to read, listen, edit, critique, and generally respond to the offered pieces, annotating and/or talking through, accepting or rejecting, etc. Many forms of contribution and participation will be welcome.

Author photo by Trae Nguyen

email: info [at] theplumb [dot] ca
instagram: the_plumb

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